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What is Humanity?

Simon Rees, January 2007

Since this website declares humanity to be its subject, I ought first to pause and consider what humanity is!

Humanity is more than Homo sapiens.

Humanity is, of course, many things - most of which I won't mention here, but examples of which can be found throughout this website, which seeks to celebrate humanity's nature, potential and creativity in the arts, the sciences, genius, meditation, healing and love.

We talk of "man's inhumanity to man," and in so doing reveal that the word humanity has come to signify not only Homo sapiens as a species, but the noble and loving ideals of which we are capable. This use of the word confirms a universal truth: that we are all members not just of the same species, but of the same pool of higher ideals - a common yearning and intrinsic possibility available to all human beings through the very nature of who we are.

'Humanity' (or being 'humane') can also in one usage refer to civil rights and social causes, or in other words to people treating each other with care, compassion and dignity - respecting the common 'humanity' in the other person. This therefore means - despite what we may have been falsely led to believe! - that matters of 'human' rights have no relation to politics or any part of the so-called political spectrum: they do not belong to any political party or faction, nor to any individual or organisation - they are part of our common nature, part of the collective 'humanity' spoken for by our very existence.

When our 'human rights' are trampled, so is our 'humanity' and therefore that which is in our nature and common to all people everywhere. It was also from this line of thinking, I expect, that the phrase 'crimes against humanity' was forged. We might also say that the act of politicizing matters of common humanity - such as civil liberties, or tender-loving-kindness - is itself a 'crime against humanity'. . . and the cause of many ills in the world today.

In another related usage 'humanity' can simply refer to the common 'humanitarian' or 'humanistic' aspirations which we all share - or which, at the very least, the best in each of us holds the potential to share.

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