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“The counterfeits of love are many ”


Simon Rees, 2007


I would like to set out a comprehensive 'philosophy of love.'

I would like this to epitomize humanity's greatest aspirations, and incorporate the foundation of all genuine lasting solutions to life's problems by covering, describing, defining, encouraging and integrating them as merely a spectrum of love's many forms, and as a pragmatic basis for happiness and creativity in human society.

The passage below is only the introduction to a much longer piece which therefore considers the nature of love in each area of human life, from relationships, sexuality and romance to society, politics, history, religion, science, philosophy, art and music. . . I plan to post the rest of the piece here at a later date, so please check back in the future!


Love is the only virtue, the only meaning, the only motivation and the only life.

Virtue gives meaning, and meaning gives life. Love is therefore the universal craving of the human condition, even though its virtue and meaning may be lost along the way, leaving then only a twisted semblance of love behind in its place. And still everyone alive seeks a state of love – be it pure love or twisted love, be it through conscious or sub-conscious motivation, no matter.

This is even so for those who have lost all hope of love and have given up looking. Even for those who deceive themselves that they have ceased to care, but in reality have simply fostered a deep-rooted delusion that it is unattainable to them. Even for those who are simply unaware of their true motivation. They all search on for love even if they know it not.

The trouble then is that the counterfeits of love are many, and since everyone seeks love, many end up seeking the counterfeits mistakenly. A desire to increase personal power and wealth for the sake of it may perhaps be the most popular love substitute, but likewise there are many other faces of egotism, despotism and ambition, or even the many forms of pleasure-seeking which bring no real pleasure: all are substitutes, like distant reflections in a nightmarish hall of mirrors where love’s true original face and beauty is still present in every image all around in a distorted fashion, and yet nowhere to be found in its intact, whole and true representation.

But when you read the word ‘love,’ what does it mean to you? If you are like most people then it might be that you limit yourself to an overly narrow, and possibly even distorted, concept of this four-letter word. If nothing else, therefore, I hope this piece may stimulate a renewed interest in love, and a re-consideration of what love is and why it is worth expanding and deepending our understanding of it.

In this piece I would like to consider the nature of love, in its many forms, and to propose that true love is not only the only ultimate reality of which we are all in quest, but also the only solution to every possible ill in every possible area of human life. Love is a single principle that can be identified and applied in every area with the same results: greater human happiness, health and creativity all round. In a society of love, there is a win-win situation for everyone.

Many other virtues have been named through the ages, and yet all are only faces of love, a rainbow of love’s varying manifestations. Consider noble deeds, the plights of heroes and saints, acts of charity and altruism, or the integrity of those who speak up for the truth even against all odds: these time-worn traditional symbols of greatness are, at their best, nothing more nor less than acts of love.

To Be Continued. . .

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