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“This has always been the primary purpose of music in the first place as an art form – the power to move the listener and touch the heart.

This has been a search for music that would be the most worth preserving as a representative of the highest of human achievements. Imagine you had to select a limited range of music recordings to preserve for posterity, and the rest of all the music that had ever been recorded would be destroyed forever. I was hoping to rise above subjective, personal contexts and associations, and above passing trends and superficially-appealing music, to discover the music that would be the most enduring and significant.

What makes great music great? Why is music so important for humanity, creativity, social progress, personal transformation and happiness? What are the precise qualities in music that make it so? If we look into this deeply we will discover the same humanitarian universal concerns and values as can be found everywhere else on this site, and the ways in which music contributes to this, defines humanity, and helps us express, feel, remember, record and rejoice all that is best and/or authentic in the realm of human experience.”

(Simon Rees)

Music has always been one of my greatest passions. . . It is one of humanity's highest aspirations, one of life's greatest joys. So I wrote this piece in celebration of music, and would like to dedicate it to everyone everywhere who has ever felt moved or transported by music in any form!

While publically engaged in work which has little apparent connection to music, I have all of my life continued to work privately on one of my favourite hobbies: exploring and enjoying new music, always on the never-ending search for the best music ever written/recorded.

What a long and enjoyable search it is! Below I share my findings so far on this pet project - or personal obsession - of mine, and I'm happy to say that it will remain forever impossible for me to complete this project, because of all the great music I have yet to discover and enjoy. . . This piece isn't about my personal musical tastes, however. In it I set out to consider - and define - what makes great music great, then list and explain my outlook with examples.

List of The Greatest Music Ever?

(Simon Rees)


List of The Greatest Music Ever? - Introduction

Types of Music Listed

Order and Purpose of the List

The List - Pieces #1 - #9

The List - Pieces #10 - #18

The List - Pieces #19 - #30

The List - Pieces #31 - #50

The List - Pieces #51 - #70, and Others



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