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“Each and every thing in life - from the smallest grass leaf to the biggest star - it is all mysterious.”


A Favourite Passage from the Mystic Osho on the Mystery of Life

You need a transformation of your consciousness. And by transformation you will not become a knower, you will become more and more of a mystic. Each and every thing in life - from the smallest grass leaf to the biggest star - it is all mysterious.

Neither do the holy scriptures have any answers for it nor does science, although they both go on proposing hypotheses.

Religion tries to propose a hypothesis of God, that He created the world. This is really pitiable - it has nothing to do with authentic religiousness; it is a childish effort to forget your ignorance. Nobody has witnessed any God creating the world, by the very nature of the fact nobody can be a witness of it, otherwise the world was already there, if somebody was there to witness it.

What was God doing for eternity? What is the secret of it, where was this fellow before? And the more basic question is where did He come from - who produced Him? Is He an orphan? With no mother and father? Who created Him? If the world needs a creator, then the God also needs a creator.

The hypothesis can satisfy only very childish minds, and can give them security, yet millions of people are in that space.

But science is not in any better position either. The world came into existence out of an explosion - but an explosion of what? They have removed God, now instead of God it is an explosion of energy. But that means the energy was there. And if the energy was there, existence was there.

Now only one thing is certain, because 300 years of science has shown it: That no theory is going to become authentic knowledge. It can only be a temporary hypothesis - then somebody with a better intelligence, with more logical acumen, with better scientific equipment, is going to demolish it.

But why do people want to know such things? There must be a universal psychological need. This is the need: safety. Knowing that God created the world, or an explosion, you feel at ease.

I am ready to accept the mystery of life. And I am against all those people, whether religious scholars or scientific researchers, who are trying to satisy your fear of insecurity by giving you hypotheses.

Even science could not control its temptation, and accept the mysteriousness of existence: that we don't know. Not even a single scientist has been so courageous to say it: that we don't know. In fact, the whole project of science is that slowly slowly the area of our knowledge is growing, and the area of our ignorance is decreasing.

A man of understanding will accept that insecurity is the very fabric of life, and that not knowing is the counterpart of an existence which is miraculous and mysterious.

We know nothing.

All that we know is very superficial, and all that we know goes on changing. What seems to be so certain today becomes uncertain tomorrow.

And then you are capable of dancing amidst all insecurity, you are capable of loving and laughing in the midst of not knowing. Not knowing is nothing but innocence, and insecurity is nothing but a constant changing panorama, always fresh and new. Nothing is repeated in existence. We are in a state of not knowing, so we can be child-like, running after butterflies, collecting seashells on the beach, or coloured stones, as if they are diamonds, and enjoying all of them.

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