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Superfluous Articles in an Overpopulated World
(Early one evening in a little clothes store on the posh side of town)

Simon Rees

You would not want or think you need
what i must sell so i can feed
myself, my wife and child unless
i placed you under some duress
to think that life without this thing
were like a bee without its sting,
so in my job, you see, i must
seem just like someone you can trust,
who will not rip you off for cash,
or push you into being rash,
or overplay the novelty
of being in a free country
where nothing holds your fancy back
except for money which you lack,
though when i saw the way you dressed,
my conscience let me do the rest
and squeeze you while i could, it's true,
for every coin you had on you,
but surely, now you see my plight,
there is no need to yell or fight,
so if you'd kindly pull your hand
from off my throat, please understand
that i can make it up to you,
and maybe - AAAH! - What can i do
to compensate for - hey, that hurts -
don't squeeze so hard - do you like skirts?
or shorts or shirts or hats or shoes
or anything - just pick and choose
what - AAH! - You don't need that in here!
Just tell me what you want to hear -
but put away that dangerous knife
befo - O - ORE. . . I. . . AHH! . . MY LIFE!!



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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