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“There is a ceaseless wind
over an unmapped sea”

This poem was inspired partly by reflections on popular theories of evolution and genetics, and partly by reflections on the nature of humanity, time and physical reality: what is change, and how and why does it really come about? Rather than propose scientific solutions, a higher aspiration seemed to me to try to encapsulate these matters in metaphor and lyrical verse. Above all, therefore, this poem is a celebration of chaos: the divine chaos of nature. . . the infinite sea of possibility from which each temporary form or order arises, and into which eventually it again dissolves.

The Dance

Simon Rees


Never is change progress,
never is it chance,
though we are a step
if time is the dance.



Chaos is not disorder;
it has its own symmetry,
a fluid naturality
in spontaneity.

Every purpose tires,
every pattern breaks,
and still we wish only
to fix the stakes.

But order does not dance,
nor can it respond or adapt;
fearing the disorder
of a world that has not been mapped.

Genes imply necessity,
but do not imply any goal
as perpetual variety
overrides each soul.

There is a ceaseless wind
over an unmapped sea,
keeping change alive
with or without you and me.



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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