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“when love passes,
your love-energy, locked up in love no longer,

Some poems employ beautiful language, others evocative imagery; some are more stylistic, others more emotional; and although I appreciate all of these types of poetry, and try to aspire towards them in my other poems, some of the poems I write are nonetheless part of a different school of poetry - an esoteric or philosophical one, where the aim is not so much to impress, evoke or express, but rather to try to distil some essential nugget of wisdom in its simplest form, to present a core realization about life in crystallized verse form. Therefore the following example isn't lyrical or humourous, nor does it tell a story or describe a scene, so to some readers it may seem unusual or even obscure at first. After the poem itself below, therefore, I have included a brief description in regular prose to help expand on the theme, in case it either baffles or interests you enough to read on after the poem itself!

The Energy of Love

Simon Rees

Freedom is distinguishing love-energy from love
and its object, which provides a link with your past
and energy you left there.

Witness every fear and fearful urge,
identifying only with the energy, not its direction,
so when love passes,

your love-energy, locked up in love no longer,
remains, as abundant as you are able to bear,
freed up at last.



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

Many people at one time or another fall in love and, then, fall out of love again. . . What an emotional rollercoaster ride! Probably it began, for all of us, in babyhood or infancy, when we each bonded with our mother, the source of all our nourishment at the time: and then later on in life we repeat the cycle by forming strong bonds of attachment and affection with other people, developing a love for them which may come and go; it's a natural part of being human! How many people care for no one? Hmm. . . I haven't met so hard a person! And how many people love someone consistently and unvaryingly? Hmm. . . I haven't met so constant a person! So this poem may be universally relevant to the human condition. . .

The first phase of love, of course, feels great, and the second phase when love is gone doesn't feel so great! But what if the first phase feels great not because of who or what we have fallen in love with. . . but simply because this accidental trigger (the object of our affections) has opened up a new fount of "love-energy" within us, which has led us to feel great and to experience the world as a marvellous place? We usually attribute the experience to something or someone outside of ourselves, but it is actually an internal event, and therefore we can potentially hold on to this magnificent experience for longer if we wish - even perpetually - and it would not even need to be dependent on the external object of our affections any more. This - one of the most difficult life lessons for any human being - is at the same time in my view one of the most important, liberating and treasured pieces of wisdom that we can ever come to comprehend.

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