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A Sample Selection of Poems by Simon Rees - Listed by Extract

Part I: Emotion Part II: Nature and Soul Part III: Humour Part IV: Social Concerns


“Only a face in the crowd, yet it could have been yours”

“The scent and shape of a hoarded flower”

“Where pleasures distract”

“Flying on winds over oceans vast back to love's source”

“Embrace the placid, bottomless night”

A wildness starts to bang and twist”

“ ‘I love to be naked, i want to be free’ ”

“Bodies forgotten and yet never forgetful”

“Into your eyes my heart has wandered”

“A song of Junes in a June of songs”

“The incessant moans of the men in their towers”

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Nature and Soul

“All that Life teaches us”

“Dare to reach heaven’s height”

“Genius is but the mind with no mindset”

“Then love the undressing, for naked is free”

“You are the void behind every eye”

“There is a ceaseless wind over an unmapped sea”

“I am seeing and knowing, though unseen and unknown”

“We'd have the power to”

“The act of creation is a moment of fear”

“Every leaf flares up like sparks in the fire”

“The need to impose on curvy reality”

“The ingredients are soldiers, the recipe is history”

“When love passes, your love-energy, locked up in love no longer, remains”

“A hidden mirror is all that remains, a secret loving which makes no claims”

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“Like crap through a fan came rain from the west - pellets of dung - this is no jest!”

“Strawberries are falling into my hat full of eggs”

“So i bend over, ready to fart, and with a loud parp promote as an art the bowel action”

“Only plastic flowers never die”

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Social Concerns

“Why do we have to be always afraid?”

“Apples of nearly six thousand kinds now number just nine”

“Life without this thing were like a bee without its sting”

“Secure with our new God of Information”

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