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To me God is a word used to try to describe the indescribable, explain the inexplicable and name the unnameable. But what if the only true way to begin to define God were, as in this poem, to recognize that the boundaries between us, and between all things, are artificially imposed by us on reality? - which is not to say that they do not exist, but that they exist only in our perception and the limited conceptual framework of our minds. If we could rise above the illusion that we each exist completely separately from one another, each in our own world apart - clearly demarcated with a perimeter fence, badge and sticker - then we might come a little closer to indicating at least a semblance of the indefinable. . .


Simon Rees

I am being, but not a being.

I am seeing and knowing,
though unseen and unknown
for there are no beings, there is only being.



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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