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“Embrace the placid, bottomless night”

This is one of the blackest, most troubled pieces of poetry I have written, exploring the dark side of despair and resignation. I sought to capture and express the most nightmarish of moods in poetic form, where it can then be mirrored, acknowledged and released - perhaps even purged - from the soul. For readers who can't relate to, or don't wish to see, such a state of hopeless despair in writing, I apologise; nonetheless I feel drawn to explore and share these spaces because it seems that authentic wisdom and compassion seed themselves in these dark corners of our being, like beautiful sweet-smelling gorse flowers that blossom only on shark spikey bushes of gorse.

The Homecoming

Simon Rees


This is the heart of pain.
Out on the ocean, no land to descry,
close your eyes to the horizon.
It will tease, deceive and again disappoint.
Instead bow your head, as when hope dies,
and pierce the inviting depths below
with your burning sorrowful gaze.

The blackness intoxicates.
Down in the water live mysteries in view
which later, on land, fog will shroud.
Taste the salty blood exuded
by the world when its great heart broke.
Embrace the placid, bottomless night
of a sea which whispers ‘Welcome’.

Welcome to the heart of pain.

And asks if here
at the heart
(the question which accompanies you, plummeting at last)
there is love.



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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Return to List of Poems by Simon Rees - by Title
Return to List of Poems by Simon Rees - by Extract

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