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“like the dew which gathers
on every open petal.”

I've written hundreds of poems over the years, and always hoped I could someday come to regard myself as a poet: of all things in life, this seemed like something worth aspiring towards! However, I work in areas with no apparent relation to poetry. Nonetheless, I hope, at the least, that a poetic approach (including the poetry of life itself!) may remain at the heart of whatever I do: and so from time to time, when the mood takes me (when a willing Muse will play ball?), I set pen to paper once again to attempt to forge a new poem - usually it is a brief but intense creative passion which seizes me, and there may also be an emotional dilemma or existential puzzle driving me to seek a way to try to express its essence in a distilled poetic form. On a pragmatic level, this is a good relationship to have with poetry, for which I'm grateful, because I'm not seeking to fulfil anyone's demands or deadlines, only to follow my heart.

Most of my poems fall loosely into one (or several) of four general categories: (1) Emotion (e.g. poems exploring situations and experiences of common human emotions such as joy, grief, abandonment, separation, ecstasy, love, etc.); (2) Nature and soul (e.g. poems exploring nature's beauty, the nature of reality, the meaning of things, existential or metaphysical soul-searching, philosophical realizations, life's paradoxes, etc.); (3) Humour (e.g. I composed a series of mock epitaphs, some of which I may add to this site at some point in the future); (4) Social concerns (e.g. poems exploring social or political themes, such as modernity, oppression or injustice).

Sometime I might compile a selection of my poems into a first book. In the meantime, below are a few random miscellaneous examples, as a brief taster. There are a great many other poems of mine which I have not listed on this page, although whether that is good or bad news I will leave you to decide! Thank you for your interest, and after you read the poems below, please let me know if a book of poems such as these would be in your view worth compiling or not!

A Sample Selection of Poems by Simon Rees

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