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“The incessant moans of the men in their towers”

It seems old age has the last laugh on everyone: even the likes of heroic knights - if they survive long enough - one day grow old and crotchety. . .

Knights in Old Age

Simon Rees

The incessant moans of the men in their towers
rumbled and whined in life’s wretched hours
till the grass so tall bent over, oppressed,
and the wind so free not a bird caressed.

In hours of strength, in some other season,
in days of vigour, in thoughts of reason,
reserved so remotely was the peace of rest
which was dreamed in a haze, as if in jest.

The towers and powers of those lost to youth
stood firm, stood high, from all meaning aloof.
By hammers of torment, the curse was quelled;
their yells began to whisper as their whispers yelled.



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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