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“ ‘I love to be naked,
i want to be free’ ”

Do you really love your beloved? Does he or she really love you? Are you sure? How do you know? How would you distinguish genuine love from false love anyway? There have been times that I have wondered which of all words might be the most used, mis-used and abused: I'll leave you to guess what conclusion I came to!


Simon Rees

The lover’s confession:
        ‘I love to be naked,
         i want to be free;
         i long to be you
         instead of just me.’
The lover’s request:
        ‘Our love won’t turn sour
         if you give me more power -
         i’ll show you my meekness
         if you show me your weakness.’
The lover’s indignation:
        ‘To give me what i want you should be glad,
         instead of refusing, and making me mad.
         In being so stubborn there is no virtue -
         you’d better be careful, or i’m going to hurt you!’
The lover’s discovery:
        ‘I won’t be naked,
         i have to be free,
         and i love to hurt you
         when you won’t be me.’


The beloved’s assurance:
         ‘I’ll never love another,
          i’ll always be true,
          i need you to love me -
          it has to be you.’
The beloved’s confusion:
         ‘Why do i doubt you  
          when you’re rarely unfair?
          I’m wrong to suspect
          that you don’t really care.’
The beloved’s fury:
         ‘You have no cause to treat me like this -
          and you don’t frighten me by waving your fists!
          I won’t shut up, whatever you do,
          so leave me alone - i’ve had it with you!!’
The beloved’s revelation:
         ‘I’ll never forgive you,
          i’ll always want more,
          and i won’t let you love me -
          that’s for sure.’



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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