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“Dare to reach
heaven’s height”

Of all things in Nature, the wind is one of those which has always captivated my imagination and inspired my fancy. This is a tribute to one of the most majestic, magnificent, troublesome and carefree of Nature's elements!

Nature's Favourite

Simon Rees

Wind on sand –
piled by shore –
surf whipped up:
blow some more!

Crevasse thin –
cram down wave –
still air stirs
deep in cave

Spiral up
burdened bough –
autumn’s arm
shorten now

Dare to reach
heaven’s height –
herd the clouds –
give birds flight

Wind on sand –
footprints fade –
last laugh’s yours:



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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Return to List of Poems by Simon Rees - by Extract

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