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“secure with our new God of Information”

This is one of my poems which I like the least, because it fails to capture my imagination, fancy or emotion and seems too simplistic in its construction and expression! Perhaps it is because it is dealing with such a 'large' theme, and therefore I might never feel satisfied that I had covered it adequately. However, I include it here, for now, because the theme seems so pertinent to our times - perhaps increasingly so with every passing year. . .

A fast-paced and car-dependent style of life forms such a key component of modern living for most people in the developed world that almost everyone seems to lack genuine quality of life - begging the question: how did this come to pass, and is this really the way we want to live out our short lives, forever chasing our tails while, at the same time, polluting our surroundings like pigs rolling obliviously in our own excrement, too preoccupied with chasing our tails even to notice. . . ? How sad and ridiculous that would be!

The Concrete Road

Simon Rees

When cars were invented, there were people who feared
that at thirty miles per hour your head would explode:
perhaps, living now, they would wish it were so,
seeing a world subjected to the concrete road!

Yet more than the pollution, noise and danger –
or the frantic social isolation –
is a knowledge that now we depend on speed,
secure with our new God of Information,
few recall even how it feels not to hurry,
and fewer how it feels to do nothing at all –
in fact, we too fear our heads would explode,
though only, for us, if we were forced to crawl:

From travelling around at phenomenal speeds,
still we come back home, go to bed and discover
that nothing feels faster than stopping so still
that our thoughts cannot even keep up with each other!



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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