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“bodies forgotten
and yet never forgetful”

This is a stream-of-consciousness symbolic poem on the subject of our sexuality, and all the ways people tend to suppress, pervert, distort and destroy it: taking all the juice, Nature and enjoyment out of it, it seems we are sometimes left behind with only a sterile, artificial shadow of its former glory; no meeting of souls - only "shadows scraping"; just an image of make-up on a face, not the face itself. Meanwhile, the lack of normal punctuation is intentional, part of the bland "sexless" landscape evoked in the verses. . .

Autopsy of Sex

Simon Rees

bodies forgotten
and drawn-out self-persecution
and sexless, we are chimneys

on a flat landscape.
lips masked
and perpetual presumption
and thoughtless we dissolve

like pills in water.
opinions prescribed
and a sea of iron eyelids
and straight razor eyelashes

desiccating souls.
old old hats
and new new ignorance
and so many vacant eyes

up in the hair.
sex in tunnels
and bruised fruits
and briefly are these our territories

where light kills.
first moments
and yet like the last
and served with twinges of grief

on misguided mornings.
shadows scraping
and people driven by energy
and yet, in clothed benumbed bodies,

we feel no energy.
motherless masses
and breasts always hidden
and but for a shape, the curve,

we are lost along lines.
black blouses
and scarlet skirts
and dry hollow penises

in crowded vaginas.
bodies forgotten
and yet never forgetful
and sexless, we are all



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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