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“Genius is but the mind with no mindset.”

A brief crystallization from my mind and heart of years of reflection and feeling, this poem is short and yet even so I made deliberate use of repetition in structure and words, to bring a subliminal emphasis to certain apparently minor aspects - elements such as the words 'is' or 'this,' to bring a sense of presence and immediacy to the surrounding themes.

A Spring Blessing

Simon Rees


Genius is but the mind with no mindset.

Innocence is the heart with no belief.

Presence is the place with no partition.

And between these three,
a world is born.



drunken with love,
move forward into this unmapped terrain
raw with passions of the chest
to observe this birth:

For this is where the fruits of thorny labour
blush and ripen.



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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Return to List of Poems by Simon Rees - by Extract

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