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“Into your eyes
my heart has wandered”

How is love's depth and authenticity tested? Experiences at the time I wrote this poem suggested to me two ways: One through the silent communication that transpires between eyes; another through the inability to doubt or turn away: most 'loves' are filled with doubts, suspicions and evasions - but surely not the truest of loves? Hence when I see couples, friends or relatives who engage in little eye contact with each other, to me it's a sign that all is not well with their love.

This is an example of an apparently simple poem that could be read (or at least scanned by the mind), word for word, very fast: probably within 5 seconds you could reach the end, then turn on to a new page. . . but which is better read out loud in slow, tender and ponderous tones - as though life and death weighed on each syllable, as they did for me when the words were written - perhaps over 1 minute instead of 5 seconds! If this were a piece of music, it would be 'Lento,' not 'Presto'. . . since the language of the heart moves at a slower pace than the rapid scanning of the intellect!

The Test
(A Silent Affair)

Simon Rees

                Into your eyes
                                      my heart has wandered,
                                      knowing not how
                                      it knows who is there.
      How can i look now,
                                      so well knowing
                                      the countenance i would see
                                      facing me?
     What draws you near
                                      silently twists me,
                                      still unwilling
                                      to blot you out.
                  I could doubt
                                      any other face,
                                      any other feeling,
                                      any other person.



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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