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“The scent and shape of a hoarded flower”

One of the worst things I can imagine is watching love be slowly destroyed in time, given negative living conditions; or to look back and realize, too late, what has already happened to it: O, what a tragedy! - although it's one we inflict all the time on each other's affections, and on the beautiful experiences we share together - without stopping to wonder why, or what went wrong. . .

In Time

Simon Rees

All is the pivot of sickness and power,
the scent and shape of a hoarded flower,
once new love's novelty with its disguise
of what each is not, there to tantalize,
has left you with something more desperate and dire
than, striving to own all that draws your desire,
you could ever have feared when first the flower opened
would come of so precious, so bold and unbroken
a stem. But the hope it embodied is yours,
though its long-withered blossom cannot be the cause -
for where shall you find in your love-smacked eye
the memory of beauty you did not see die?



© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees

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